Chat with a Master Gardener & Reserve Your Garden Bed for 2019

  RESERVE YOUR GARDEN BED NOW! The 2019 Cottage City Community Garden Season is starting on March 23rd!  If you are interested in having a plot at the Cottage City Community Garden(located at 4222 Cottage Terrace). Garden plot fees are very affordable at only $10 per bed for the entire season. If you are feeling … Continue reading Chat with a Master Gardener & Reserve Your Garden Bed for 2019

Photo Challenge Giveaway!

This year’s Port Town’s Day celebration is an event you DON’T want to miss! Not only will the Cottage City Community Garden be there in full effect giving away seeds and providing tips on gardening, we’re also kicking off our photo challenge, where you can enter to win an #edibleactivist t-shirt or a bottle of … Continue reading Photo Challenge Giveaway!

Cucuzza Longa Squash

Cucuzza Longa Squash The giant, long squash in the back garden of Cottage City Garden, pretty impressive, is…Cucuzza Longa Squash from Sicily, a real iconic summer squash for Sicilians. In New Orleans where lots of Sicilians settled, it is much beloved and called “gagootz” in the local dialect. The singer Louis Prima had a famous song about … Continue reading Cucuzza Longa Squash